PR-KUJIRA-LC PR branding iron Leather Wallet


PAILOT RIVERの焼印が好きすぎて、焼印のモデルが手元に増えていきますが、このタイプも以前から使っていたんですが、新たに作ってもらいまして、販売をしてみます!






It is too like Branding of PAILOT RIVER, but models of branded will continue to increase at hand, it is this type also I had been using previously, I have been asked to create a new, and then try to sell!

After it delivered to NY shop, but has been split and regular sales, but good thing I’m a lot, as I do not use a coin purse, short wallet also at the coin purse that I always use the to say that it or ask them to specification change in card case, but this type also’m also certain types of zipper, we ask them to only the card case.

This, I think now most good, and with a leash of short type, I use it over the security.
Or fall, so that it does not or lost, still in short type, leash or rope I think essential.

In Japan the train, even in NY subway, also from Sri has, we put for insurance.
And this size, because you go in front pocket of jeans, it will get directly to the front pocket if you have any.

Short leash of looks at first glance to short too, but you can use without any problems to, and I think rather it may be better for this much size.


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PR-KUJIRA-LC / With NL Style